Trident Industrial Estate

At the nexus of Western Australia’s key freight infrastructure.

Set to become one of Perth’s most premium industrial developments, Trident has been carefully curated to cater for operators of all sizes.

Strategically located on the doorstep of the planned Westport Harbour, Trident is ideally suited to manufacturing, minerals processing, renewables, freight and logistics, marine and defence and more.

1km to Anketell Road

3.5km to planned Wesport Harbour

Future forward, strategic location

6.1km to Australian Marine Complex

Scale and flexibility

Lots on grade and can be amalgamated

RAV7 road networks

42km to Perth Airport

Convenient connection via rail, road and sea

The move to Kwinana, identified as the prime location for Western Australia’s major port, is driven by the need to accommodate growing trade volumes and the limitations of Fremantle’s existing infrastructure. Trident Industrial Estate is poised to capitalise on this shift. With Kwinana already established as a heavy industrial area with ample access to industrial land, the region is set to become a bustling hub for trade and industry.

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    An era of unparalleled growth, thanks to the upcoming Westport freight infrastructure and harbour development.

    Trident Industrial Estate is set to become a focal point of economic growth and logistical efficiency, thanks to the transformative Westport project initiated by the State Government of Western Australia.

    The project, aimed at relocating container trade from Fremantle to a new, expansive port in Kwinana, heralds a new era of trade facilitation and connectivity that Trident Industrial Estate is uniquely positioned to benefit from.

    Strategically located in proximity to the planned Westport Harbour, Trident Industrial Estate stands as an ideal base for businesses specialising in freight and logistics. The Westport project’s emphasis on integrated road and rail transport networks means unparalleled access and streamlined logistics for the estate. This is a game-changer for businesses seeking efficient supply chain management and quick turnaround times.

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